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Mugera. M jobseeker
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Dear Employers on this Forum,


Are you looking to have a committed employee who can do for you;  

Quality milking ( clean shed, detect and treat mastitis etc), perform dry off, prepare colostrum, rear calves ( Feed, treat, dehorn, wean calves and manage their records), Manage cow health, perform basic repairs ( mending and raising fences, repair machinery tyres), scrap and harrow using tractor, operate bike, loader and forklift?

Please iam here. Iam running my 7th year as a dairy farm worker.

Iam a dependable, patient, trainable, vibrant, respectful, self-motivated employee with strong passion for Agriculture. I don't smoke and drink alcohol.

Iam looking for Dairy Farm Assistant role. Currently I work with a mix of different nationalities ( Filipinos, Nepalese, Sri-lankan, Indians and Irish) so culturally fitting in your Farm Team is easy for me.

Iam ready to cover my travel and visa processing costs using licensed Newzealand immigration Adviser.

My Cv and agricultural referees are available.


Please if you have a job offer, or any connections that will earn me a job, kindly contact me through

+966 537 694 304.

Or leave me a comment in here.


Thank you


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