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The Right Way To Lease Land Out For Pasture ?  

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Just a Query , Can someone advise what would be  a normal way of letting  a local farmer use our land to pasture his cows? By this I mean , would you draw up a legal contract?  or not ?what would it consist of, have no idea , Our father left the farm when he passed and we all work in Australia. theres probably 12 acres flat land good green grass.

For the last 10 years we've let a local farmer graze his stock on our flats and some hill land in return for him maintaining fence line and bringing the pasture up to scratch, hes done a good job of that.

we have asked for no money because we didnt want the land to fall backwards and we knew he would keep the pastures good.

He recently indicated that he wanted to pay the land rates approx $1,400 annually. some of my siblings believe he could use that as leverage. its freehold land.

Thoughts please, and thanks,

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