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Carbon tax, make sense?  

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Cows fart and go to the air and we pay tax.

Did I misunderstand anything here? 

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I'm no expert so don't take what I say as fact. But from my understanding, yes, cows and in fact all ruminant animals burp and fart methane; which as a gas, goes into the atmosphere and contributes to the climate issues that everyone blames eachother for.

Government wants to tax us for this. Apparently farmers make a pretty good scapegoat since they don't want to discriminate by just taxing the cows 😉

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I think it's ridiculous. I see my cows, look up the sky and I don't see any air pollution. This is just another way to squiz the farmers.  They want to see us all gone for sure. 

It is just getting too much. 

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