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colostrum feeding and abomasitis  

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Timely feeding of enough and good quality colostrum will give you strong calves and save you on most vet costs.

Calves with weak immune system will start scour under 7 days of age. This may be due late feeding that affects immunity, poor calf hygiene or feeding spoilt colostrum etc.

Colostrum should be warmed or heated before fed to calves and must be left in that warm water.

The warmed grade 1 or 02 colostrum must be fed and finished with in 04 hours. Beyond those hours it gets spoilt and if given to calf, it gets abomasitis and will die.

Symptoms or signs of abomasitis:-

 - Inflamed stomach.


- Scouring, dung may contain unabsorbed milk, sunset yellow scour.

That  bad / spoilt colostrum burns reticulum, and causes inflamation.

Such calf can be seen between day 1 - 3 chances of survival are minimal.

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