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Calf Rearing_Red Mi...

Calf Rearing_Red Milk  

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Does anybody feed the heifers red milk? 

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It can cause diarrhea. I wouldn't, especially the young ones.  

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We talking penicillin milk or actually the colour red?

Penicillin milk is fine to feed to heifers as long as they are replacements. I'd dilute it with clean milk also just so you don't lose out on any nutritional value.


To note;

I wouldnt give red milk to anything younger than a week old.

The withholding period of the penicillin still applies when milk is fed to calves.

There is a slight risk of increasing the calfs' resistant to penecillin in the future and a milking cow however it is a very small risk unless you're feeding it nothing but red milk for it's entire rearing.


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I think red milk can be fed to bulls after testing the rate or amount of pathogens it contains. It can help you save on amount of money you spend buying cmr.

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