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Born weak calves  

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During Calving, some calves are born very weak and may die if not spotted early and taken good care of. They appear weak, lying on ground, some cannot walk and stand. Basing on my experience these are always;

(a) Born dehydrated ( major sign of such calf is-sunken eyes). 

How to go about a such calf:-

 -Give it two bags of ringer lactate(iv ensure it moves slowly) inject in one bag vitamin (ultra b) if use combeceun inject direct in muscle 3 - 5 Ml basing on calf size, later give it electrolytes 1.5 to 2litres. After elapse of 3hrs, feed the calf colostrum. Still weak give it iv the next day and inject it vitamin for 03 days.

(b) Having low body temperature This happens some times during winter, remember the normal calf temperature is 38 -39.5°c.

How to manage a such calf:-

-Give it IV,  Feed calf relatively warm electrolytes, after elapse of 03hrs feed it warm colostrum and inject it vitamin.

(c) Rapidly breathing (stomach)/ heart beat and fever) this kind of calf is likely to have aspiration pnuemonia(not much fluids entered lung pipes) or not.

How to Manage a such calf:-

- Give it IV.

- Give it procaine penicillin (pen&strep- white in colour) 1ml = 10kgs calf body weight together with Ketoprofene and vitamin for 03 days to 05. Note: Ketoprofine and vitamin can be injected on one side different positions.

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I only give IV to down cows,  I have never even thought about giving a cal IV. 

wonder if Vetsouth sells those things. curious.

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