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Bloody scouring  

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Have you ever come across calves that scour only blood or dung with blood. The chances are that the calf maybe suffering from coccidia. If you don't detect this early you may loose many calves.

So it is better to collect dung samples and have it investigated in lab. Scouring blood is one of major symptoms /signs of coccidia, though this should not be confused with peritonitis.

Here under is how you can treat it:-

   -  Check the calf body temperature.

    -  Inject calf antibiotics ( Ketoprofen and Syvaquinol         for 03 days, continue with only Syvaquinol up to day       05).

   -  Give the calf Iv ( ringer lactate)

     - Give the calf warm electrolytes or rumenos.

      -Give calf coccistop orally or add it in milk.

Note:  The calf should be rehydrated more ( I.V, rumenos, and or warm electrolytes to avoid going downer.

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